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Brief Introduction to the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing Municipality of the People's Republic of China

   Established in April 1995 with the approval of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing Municipality accepts major cases of first instance taking place in nine districts or counties in the eastern part of Beijing Municipality including Dongcheng District, Chongwen District, Chaoyang District, Fengtai District, Shunyi District, Tongzhou District, Pinggu District , Huairuo District and Miyun County, and appeal cases tried by the people's courts of the above-mentioned districts or counties.

  The Second Intermediate People's Court has 12 adjudication organizations which accept, try, and execute cases of first instance and second instance including criminal, civil, economic, administrative and intellectual property rights cases, and cases of trial supervision. It has five functional departments, respectively responsible for professional ethics education for judges, training on juristic theory, research on application of laws in trial practice and secretariat. At present the Court has a total of 60 senior judges, and 85% of the staff have educational credentials of doctor, master or graduate of laws.

   Since its establishment eight years ago, the Second Intermediate People's Court has given full play to its adjudicatory function and administered justice impartially, it has taken up cases by thousands and the newly accepted cases are four times those in the early stage of its establishment. Of them, there have been many cases of criminal acts, civil and commercial disputes as well as administrative and intellectual property rights cases, which have been difficult and complicated and have drawn ample attention of the society. For this reason, it has been elected twice as an advanced unit in the building of the spiritual civilization in the capital city. It has several well-known judges who are influential in the city. Many jurisprudential theses and research papers written by judges have won prizes respectively in the academic forums of courts over the country and of the Beijing Municipality. Hundreds of theoretical articles have been published in periodicals of juristic theory.

   The new seat of the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court is located in the eastern part of Fangzhuang residential area in Fengtai District of Beijing adjacent to the CBD. Dignified and imposing, the building covers an area of close to 30,000 m2 with 11a storeys on the ground. It has 33 courtrooms of large, medium and small size. The large courtrooms can accommodate close to 400 visitors in open trials. Modern facilities are operated with electronic equipment of self-control and monitoring. The Court exercises computerized network management in trying cases. The internal and external surroundings ofthe new adjudication building embody a high degree of combination of the adjudication characteristics and the legal culture.

   With the development of administering the country according to law, the Second Intermediate People's Court will, at the new starting point in the new century, by centring on impartial administration of justice and efficiency, strengthen and improve the fair and highly effective operating mechanism of adjudication and consciously accept supervision from all circles, enhance the adjudication quality and efficiency further and in an all-round way, strive to build and cultivate courts and judges of the capital city in conformity with the cross-century demands, and forge ahead boldly, hand in hand, towards the goal of trying to create first-class courts.

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